Have been following (loosely) recent discussion in the US concerning health care reform.  

As usual, a self-interested group, have sought to tag ‘tort reform’ (I’ve always thought a neat term for the removal of rights from the negligently injured, not sure it is ‘reform’ rather than ‘remove’) on the agenda.  

Twitter (yes, I know…) is alive with endless calls for reform to stop the ‘lottery malpractice’ verdicts and greedy lawyers.

Came across this very interesting article, summarising the real evidence as to costs of medical malpractice in the US (often characterised as the most litigious country for such claims).  

All of the comparable evidence in Australia that I am aware of, points in the same direction.  The ‘crisis’ is with the quality of health care provided, rather than the very small minority of those who could pursue compensation claims, that actually do so.

Have to say I’m with Bill, Hillary and Barrack on this one.