Happy NY to those reading!  Feel free to let me know if you have any thoughts on content since I started the blog, suggestions how to improve the blog or requests for topics or comment.

As the title says, thought it apt to start the new year on a positive note…

My wife has for sometime suffered from a sore shoulder (no doubt in part from carrying the heavy load of being married to me…!)  Anyway, she finally got around to having it investigated following which it was identified she had rotator cuff tear and bursitis, requiring repair and acromioplasty.  Off she then went to see the best shoulder orthopod we could find.

Anyway, pleased to report that said orthopod, in addition to technical proficiency in the way the repair is to be performed, also demonstrated exemplary communication skills in his contact with my wife.  My wife returned from her pre-operative appointment with a formidable looking folder which contained a wonderful, easy to read explanation of the surgery, the risks associated with it and a very easy to follow guide to post-operative rehab.  

I couldn’t fault it and am starting the new year with the attitude that the medicine I generally encounter in practice represents the exception rather than the rule and despite the odd dark moment, my almost continuous belief that the overwhelming majority of Drs are fabulously skilled, hard-working professionals, is the right one.  Lets see if and how 2010 shakes this!