A couple of weeks ago I attended a CPD presentation dealing with the new scheme for National Registration + Regulation of the majority of the health professions. It is beyond doubt that this is a good idea, in terms of consistency of practice registration.

One interesting aspect of the reforms that I was not previously aware of, and which I see as having potentially interesting longer term consequences, is the ‘new’ National body’s capacity to set standards for medical and other practice.

It occurs to me that this could develop into a challenge/supplement to the College’s self-regulation of the specialties. It could for example, allow regulation as to those surgeon’s permitted to perform cosmetic breast surgery, bariatric surgery etc + set minimum standards of experience and training for such areas of work. Another alternative may be to set standards in terms of disclosure of surgical results/complication/infection rates etc.

Given the College’s understandable competing interests (and those of their members), this may present a valuable opportunity for consumer interests to be given voice.