Following on a recent post, in recent days I have again been reminded of how jaundiced my perspective on medical care is and how the great majority of careful, skilled medical practitioners "fly under the radar," in my world of medical litigation.

My wife required a micro-discectomy last week, due to a disc protrusion, no doubt attributable to 20+ years of nursing..  

The neurosurgeon brave enough to operate on my wife (I suspect he does not know + my wife certainly would have been slow to volunteer her relationship to me), provided a shining example of cautious, well explained and reasoned advice, followed by technically proficient surgery.  The ‘icing’ on the cake was his call to me (as next of kin), at about 9:30 pm last Friday to confirm all had gone well + he was optimistic of a good outcome.  In no way part of his contractual obligations, but very much appreciated

The second example was the press club interview with Barry Marshall I happened to catch today on daytime telly…  How inspiring!  Although not quite ready to hand over the $2,000 per head for genome testing + registration, he certainly painted a clear picture of the enormous benefits genetic testing can offer to medicine in the surprisingly near future.

On that note, back to work + preparing claim against a lesser surgeon, who’s muddy thought, awful communication skills and oaf-like technical acumen is more what keeps me busy day to day.