As a post-script to the recent resolution of my client’s claim against a travel agency, promoting Thai cosmetic surgery, I now have to drive each day past a massive billboard on Railway Rd, Subiaco, promoting the services of another such agency. Clearly its a thriving business sector…

To protect those uninformed enough to think that breast augmentation surgery or laser eye surgery, in conjunction with 5 Star Accomodation in SE Asia, is a good idea + the 2011 equivalent of a beach massage in Bali or a pedicure at the local shopping centre, my modest proposal is to introduce legislation:

1) requiring such agencies to have comprehensive insurance against claims by those travellers suffering serious complications/adverse outcomes from their cosmetic procedure.

2) requiring such agencies to recommend and have prospective clients/patients sign an acknowledgement that they have been advised to seek indepedent local medical advice as to the sense (or otherwise) of the proposed treatment.

3) holding such agencies liable in the event of an avoidable adverse outcome from the foreign treatment.

Can’t see it happening, but ….