Further to my earlier post, time is now extremely short for birth injury claims, for children born before Nov 2005.

As I have previously posted, the Limitation Act 2005, retrospectively (and without any publicity) shortened the time for claims relating to alleged negligent obstetric (or midwifrey) care, prior to its introduction in November 2005.

Before this legislation, children injured due to negligent obstetric or midwifrey care had until age 24 in most cases to bring claim (there is an important exception, in the case of claims against public hospitals or other public health services).

The time for such claims was shortened, so that it runs out in less than 10 days time… on 15 Nov 2011! This does not apply to other medical claims, only birth injury claims.

Anecdotally, there are very few people (even lawyers) who are aware of this limitation period shortening.

If you have such a claim – or are handling it for a client, the time for action is now……