I recently came across an interesting article in a medical insurance journal, discussing the responsibilities of a radiologist to ensure communication of important x-ray or other radiology test results.  The conclusion of the article was that the radiologist has responsibility for prompt first-hand communication with the referring GP, but the article stopped short of suggesting

A couple of weeks ago I attended a CPD presentation dealing with the new scheme for National Registration + Regulation of the majority of the health professions. It is beyond doubt that this is a good idea, in terms of consistency of practice registration.

One interesting aspect of the reforms that I was not previously

One of the most emotionally demanding, complex and ultimately, often rewarding categories of case handled by medical negligence lawyers, are those cases arising from a negligent delay in diagnosis of cancer. At any one time, I am generally acting in 4 or 5 such cases.

Following the High Court’s decision earlier this year, in Tabet

As the media coverage continues, another thought that occurred to me today, is why is it not possible for there to be a well-recognised easy to follow chart for Accident and Emergency staff at remote hospitals (accepting for present purposes Northam would be accepted as such), as to observation or triage findings which should mandate

Thanks to the Australian Lawyers Alliance’s weekly newsletter to members, for bring this recent case to my attention:

Australian Associated Motor Insurers Ltd v Motor Accidents Authority of NSW [2010] NSWSC 833 (30 July 2010), is a recent case in which the NSW Court of Appeal per Barr AJ overturned a damages claim of more