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I have been a lawyer for 21 years, during which time I have predominantly represented injured people in pursuing compensation claims. In the last 10 - 15 years, I have focused on medical malpractice / medical negligence law and particularly claims arising from negligent medical care. Read more

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The Costs of Medical Tourism

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I noticed with interest and some concern, recent media attention (see for example¬†and a Herald Sun story in mid-May) concerning the number of Australians travelling to Asia to undergo cosmetic surgery.¬† According to a recent report, this may be 15,000 patients a year. Concerns have arisen at the costs then borne by Medicare for remedial… Continue Reading

Botox + Dermal Fillers (+ IPL) – they may be more dangerous than you think!

Posted in Cosmetic Surgery (and Other Treatment), Our Cases
We have recently agreed to act on behalf of a client who has suffered significant irreparable facial scarring/disfigurement as a consequence of dermal fillers, she underwent earlier this year @ a slick, web-advertising, brochure wielding, ‘wellness’ clinic in Perth’s metro area (can’t you just picture the ‘world muzac’/running water + Buddha heads!). We have now… Continue Reading

Lap Band Surgery + Alternatives: The Risks + Benefits

Posted in Contemporary Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery (and Other Treatment), Our Cases
Working yesterday and today on a very tragic case for the family of a young women who died after weight-loss surgery, in 2007. The women underwent a sleeve gastrectomy, one of the 2 most common forms of weight-loss (or bariatric) surgery, performed in Australia today. While working on the case, I thought it worth sharing… Continue Reading

Surgery-Tourism – the Pitfalls?

Posted in Contemporary Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery (and Other Treatment), Our Cases
We are presently acting for a young women who paid $1,000s for cosmetic breast surgery in a well known Asian holiday destination, only for a terrible outcome. This idea of "cosmetic surgery-tourism" seems on the increase, which I think is worrying.  My concerns are reinforced given the independent plastic surgeon’s advice we have now received… Continue Reading

Why Early Settlement Still Remains a Good Idea (only)

Posted in Cosmetic Surgery (and Other Treatment), Gynecology (or Gynaecology!), Our Cases
Musing on a claim that I settled a week or so ago. The matter was settled within 45 minutes, via pre-trial settlement discussions at Court supervised mediation.  The claim concerned complications following a hysterectomy. The allegations of negligence related to the gynaecologist’s failure to discuss alternatives to hysterectomy for control of our client’s pre-menopausal heavy periods.… Continue Reading