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West Australian Medical Negligence Law Blog

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I have been a lawyer for 21 years, during which time I have predominantly represented injured people in pursuing compensation claims. In the last 10 - 15 years, I have focused on medical malpractice / medical negligence law and particularly claims arising from negligent medical care. Read more

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Tort Reform in the US – another reason I’d be a Democrat!

Posted in Contemporary Medicine, Overseas Cases

 Have been following (loosely) recent discussion in the US concerning health care reform.   As usual, a self-interested group, have sought to tag ‘tort reform’ (I’ve always thought a neat term for the removal of rights from the negligently injured, not sure it is ‘reform’ rather than ‘remove’) on the agenda.   Twitter (yes, I… Continue Reading

Patient Responsibility – International Differences Highlighted by Recent Case

Posted in Case Summary, Causation Issues, Contributory Negligence, Overseas Cases

I was interested to read recent news reports concerning a case decided in Canada. An Indian/Canadian man, Mr Kahlong was awarded CAD $5 million in a claim against a Hospital in Vancouver. According to news reports, Mr Kahlong who was 41 years of age suffered from low back pain for which he was referred for… Continue Reading