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West Australian Medical Negligence Law Blog

Insights On Medical Negligence Issues From The Perth Area And Throughout Australia

I have been a lawyer for 21 years, during which time I have predominantly represented injured people in pursuing compensation claims. In the last 10 - 15 years, I have focused on medical malpractice / medical negligence law and particularly claims arising from negligent medical care. Read more

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The Costs of Medical Tourism

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I noticed with interest and some concern, recent media attention (see for example¬†and a Herald Sun story in mid-May) concerning the number of Australians travelling to Asia to undergo cosmetic surgery.¬† According to a recent report, this may be 15,000 patients a year. Concerns have arisen at the costs then borne by Medicare for remedial… Continue Reading

Case Review: 10 important medical cases since Jan 16

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I today presented a paper at conference providing a review of 10 recent Australian medical law cases since January 2016, which I found interesting. Cases reviewed were: Coote, Bigg, Morocz, Westcott, Martin, Pierce, Sorbello, McManus and Stefanyszyn and Wright. Although only a single Judge decision, I particularly noted the WA District Court Judge Sweeney’s decision… Continue Reading