I read with interest + sadness, the recent decision by Williams DCJ in Lane v Northern NSW Local Health District [2013] NSWDC 12.

The case concerned allegations by 2 daughters of mis-management of their elderly mother, at 2 NSW hospitals.  Tellingly, their father did not support their allegations and gave evidence expressing gratitude for the

 I was interested to see the recent NSW decision in Hollier v Sutcliffe [2010] NSWSC 279, delivered on 23 April 2010.  

The case concerned alleged side-effects following insertion of an Implanon device in October 2006.

Some years ago, there was a spate of litigation associated with this contraceptive device, primarily related to failures

In a recent District Court decision by Judge Davis, an interesting issue as to the obligations owed by a rehabilitation provider to an injured worker were explored. 

The Decision, Lines v Workfocus Australia Pty Ltd [2009] WADC 203, delivered on 23 December 2009 confirmed, though it appears this may have been something conceded by the

I was interested to read recent news reports concerning a case decided in Canada. An Indian/Canadian man, Mr Kahlong was awarded CAD $5 million in a claim against a Hospital in Vancouver.

According to news reports, Mr Kahlong who was 41 years of age suffered from low back pain for which he was referred for