I read with interest + sadness, the recent decision by Williams DCJ in Lane v Northern NSW Local Health District [2013] NSWDC 12.

The case concerned allegations by 2 daughters of mis-management of their elderly mother, at 2 NSW hospitals.  Tellingly, their father did not support their allegations and gave evidence expressing gratitude for the

A couple of weeks ago I attended a CPD presentation dealing with the new scheme for National Registration + Regulation of the majority of the health professions. It is beyond doubt that this is a good idea, in terms of consistency of practice registration.

One interesting aspect of the reforms that I was not previously

 While trawling around looking for some information on trauma surgery, came accross this neat and convenient summary of our public hospital system’s performance against several key performance indicators for the 1st 6 months of 2009. 

Makes interesting reading, particularly the ongoing ‘battle’ with accident and emergency services.  

I particularly noted the pretty awful results

 The Court of Appeal delivered its decision on 7 Oct 09, rejecting the losing patient’s appeal against District Court Judge Wager’s decision, dismissing her claim at trial.  The lead decision was delivered by Justice Newnes, with whom the 2 other members of the Court agreed.

The case concerned alleged negligent medical care following Ms Davy